Taiwan 2012
International Taipei Travel Fair
October 22nd - 28th, 2012

October 22nd – 28th, 2012

October 21st I left Panama to fly to JFK where I would overnight at the Hampton Inn JFK Airport in order to make my flight on China Airlines on the 22nd out of JFK. The Hampton Inn JFK is part of the Hilton chain and I was impressed. I arrived at the airport then found where I had to meet the hotel shuttle and made my way there…JFK is a bit unknown to me as I have only ever been through it a couple of times now but the airport was fast and friendly at that time of day. I was at the hotel and checked in promptly by happy smiling faces…a treat these days. Even hot coffee waiting for anyone who wanted it…nice touch. Room was big and had all I needed…I wrote a review of this hotel on Tripadvisor…

October 22nd arrived at the airport and checked in at the China Airlines counter…was going Business Class so that was really nice ... especially with a 19 ½ hour flight (stop over in Osaka). As you can see by the photos, the food was excellent. There were two full dinners served…I only took the photo of the dinner that was a Japanese Bento box ... I was on the top section of a 747 and the first row of seats so no one in front, nice a quiet and easy to get up to walk around. We arrived into Osaka for an hour and a half which was spent at the lounge then boarded our same plane again for Taipei. Arrived into Taipei at 9:40 p.m. on October 23rd. Then to the Howard Hotel and bed! I had passed through the airport here many times on my way to other countries but this was the first time I was actually in Taiwan so was really looking forward to both the ITF and the short tour afterwards.

October 24th we met in the lobby of the hotel as a small group of 7 with our guide Michelle and began our day. The Howard Hotel is a perfect hotel really, has all you need plus 3 floors of shops. Great food, super service and quiet rooms. Review on Tripadvisor as well.

The first pictures are at a 7/11. I love seeing what other shops and snack foods look like when I travel and 7/11 has surprised me…not only can you get all kinds of neat foods and drinks but you can buy phone cards, rail tickets, order things on line and then pick up at the nearest 7/11 to you ... they have a very good market here. Very popular and the customers keep coming back.

Our first visit of the day was to the Lanyang Museum. It may look kind of weird by the pictures but this is one gorgeous museum, both inside and out. Very user friendly inside for adults and children and we all know that means they will likely remember something and outside – lush and green surrounded by water on one side – becoming one with nature. They have preserved as much as possible of the original wetland ecological park so when you walk around you see life – in the birds, the fish and the plant material. Look at the umbrella stand … very useful and a smart idea and it is lockable! . It keeps the maintenance down inside the building and might I add that I did not see on scrap of anything on the ground while here … they do respect their environment … not just here but everywhere we went we would discover. The boulevards are all planted up all over Taipei, lovely to look at and so green and healthy. I also noted on construction sites, the fencing used to close in the sites were planted up with vertical plantings on them … very nice indeed!

From there we drove through fields full of rice and people working in their fish farms and in their gardens…it was so lush and green peaceful, but I know how hard they work.

We had lunch at a magical restaurant … we had our own room and enjoyed an eight course lunch. The presentation was so pretty you almost hated to dig into the dishes…and thankfully the portions were not that large. Even the washrooms were gorgeous (You can see me taking a picture in the ladies washroom and my hand is over the water that you rinse your hands with … a huge stone bowl and the mens you can see is different with a waterfall effect) and the gardens were so peaceful to look at through the window in our room. Have you ever eaten rice that is still on the stalk and deep fried to make it pop? Delicious! Our last course was a persimmon filled with black bean paste.

Then it was on to King Car Whiskey Distillery. What a monstrous place this was. They make the Kavalan brand. Now I am not a whiskey drinker but did taste a sample of it. They make lots of other products as well including bottled water. I did think the tanks that they had were beautiful in brass..very classy. They have an orchid farm as well close by so we stopped by there before leaving. They also grow organic vegetables.

This evening was our ITF Gala Dinner in Tainan, the oldest city in Taiwan, held in the very classy Shangri-La Far Eastern Hotel. Here we enjoyed a ten course meal … yes ten courses … thankfully they were again small portions ….



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