South Africa 2012
October 3rd - 16th, 2012


From Jan

We have had a perfect November day here: dark, wet and windy with leaves clogging the gutters and drains. A perfect time to think about your amazing tour of South Africa. Here's a short list of favourites. 1. Kirstenbosch 2. Kapama River Lodge 3. Hermanus whale watching 4. Cellars-Hohenort that I particularly admired for its interior design. The exterior wasn't too shabby either. And the food was fantastic.5. Lourensford Wine Estate for lunch. Our guide Charl was the best yet. Right up there with Hilda in 1998.
It was fun to travel with so many we've met before.


Marilyn and I enjoyed our third week up north seeing more of rural Africa.
Our host is a forester who has a PhD on the Baobab tree. She has a factory producing citric powder and oil from the pods. She took us to her nursery where she is growing baobabs for later transplanting and then to The Big Tree for lunch. This tree is 1200 years old and probably the biggest in the world.





Mrs. Oppenheimer

Happy Gang at the Blyde River Canyon

The jacarandas were in bloom

When an old African hand asks you 'How was Africa?'  and you say 'The jacarandas were in bloom.'  They will sigh knowingly.

Male Nyala at Kapama

Happy Sundowners

Giraffe drinking

Giraffe drinking

Red Bishop Bird of South Africa at Durban Botanical Garden

Red Bishop Bird of South Africa at Durban Botanical Garden


Ron & Sherry

The Cape Peninsula -

The scenery was fantastic -- it probably helped that it was a clear and sunny day. The point is always windy (you can tell from the first picture) and the lighthouse was very very windy at the top. I have attached a picture of the climb to the lighthouse. There is also a funicular you can take and I did that although Ron, Pat and Wayne made the climb. Going up would be okay but I would not care for the trip down on foot. It was too windy for me when I got up there anyway. Much windier than Table Mountain but not as cold. For me, the highlights of that day were so much more than just the cape itself. I have attached pictures of some of the landscape and, especially, the animals along the way. I will send a second email with pictures from Boulder Beach (penguins) and Simon Town where there are lots of restaurants and we had an enjoyable lunch along the waterfront.







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