South Africa 2012
October 3rd - 16th, 2012

October 12th, 2012

This morning we are on our way to Cape Town via Hermanus but not before meeting some lovely ladies by our coach selling the most wonderful cloth materials in vibrant colours…loaded up, off we go. The highway is a beauty, loaded with shrubs in spring colour. We make a comfort stop at an Aloe factory where time is spent buying products and having coffee. A quick visit of the gardens and we are off again. It is hard to rest your eyes as the countryside is awash in colour….the fields are cut in these beautiful patterns, the blue crane (Anthropoides paradisea), is here too! Only place I have seen them and am happy as that is the national bird.

The crops mostly grown in this area are wheat and canola. Ostrich and sheep are farmed. 10,000 hectares is usually the smallest farm you will find with half in fallow. There is also a berry here called the youngberry. It is a cross between the raspberry and blackberry. Grape vineyards are about 30% of South African crops and there are also stud farms here because the lime in the soil is good for their bones. Merino sheep from Spain are here as well.

Reached Hermanus in time to see the whales!! What a sight this was. The Southern Right Whales were up and down the coastline.

And what a pretty town, just the picture perfect resort town. This is a very expensive area to own property. People love the thatched roofs but the insurance on houses like this is very high and you have to know what you are doing when re thatching one of them. I also love the Cape Dutch style with their curving rooflines. The Marsh Rose Protea was discovered here at Betty’s Bay. Baden Powell and the Boy Scouts was started here as well. This is also where you can see the Cape Martin Zebra.

From here it was through the beautiful region of Elgin, then Sit Lowry’s Pass where we saw the fellow watching for sharks for the swimmers below and on to Cape Town. What scenery, it was breathtaking.

At our hotel and dinner…what a day!


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