South Africa 2012
October 3rd - 16th, 2012

October 10th, 2012

This morning after a bountiful breakfast at the hotel we were off to visit the Victoria Street Market…a place that you can find anything in, filled will all sorts of crafty things. Our group had much fun here! Then off to the airport for our short flight to Port Elizabeth. I found this sign in the ladies washroom for condoms…it all starts with the women…

In Port Elizabeth they plant oleander on the freeways to aid in keeping bugs off the windshields…never knew that. The area is full of fynbos which were beloved by our guide Charl but sadly they are being threatened by non native species. At Jeffires Bay it is known for surfing and I guess if the water is right you can surf for up to a mile here. It’s a big dairy farming area with the breed Frieslander.

Once there we transferred to our hotel where we would relax for a bit before dinner at a local restaurant. Kynsa is a beautiful resort town with about 40-50,00 people living here year round but the crowds swell in the summer with the tourists. I can see why, it is gorgeous! There are 12 golf courses around her. The marina was so quiet, usually the masts on sail boats are heard at night because of the movement of the water but these boats never moved…it was that quiet.


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