South Africa 2012
October 3rd - 16th, 2012

October 8th, 2012

We are on our way to St Lucia today but first things first…we had boarded our coach and were ready to leave in a few minutes when I spotted the most glorious trees down the road…beside the golf course, as we were at a resort that had a golf course…I was so taken with the colours that I had to photograph them…this fleeting moment would soon be gone and I didn’t even want to forget this. Then off, past round houses…there were many houses in each farm and we found out that sometimes the man will have two or three wives and they all live in their own house.

We soon arrived at our boat cruise spot…time to check out the wonderful baskets and carvings then on the boat…this time we had a very good look at the rhinos both in and out of the water. Saw many shore birds as well.

Then off to the town of St. Lucia where we had time to enjoy walking around and lunch on our own before leaving for Durban. Our coach is parked just down from the little market…this was a great street as it offered a market, places to eat, have coffee, buy wine and walk around looking at the houses in the town. There was also a very lively bunch of vervet monkey (Chlorocebus pygerythrus). I won’t say more about them other than the mature males were very obvious.

On to our way to our hotel in Durban for dinner and bed.


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