Magical Morocco 2011
May 6th – 16th, 2011

Thursday, May 12th, Fes – Rabat - Marrakech

After breakfast we will leave to Rabat, the economic capital of the kingdom and one of the oldest cities. Pirate stronghold, breakaway republic, Imperial City and today's capital, Rabat has worn many cloaks during its 700 year history. Poised above the Atlantic rollers is the Oudaia Kasbah, Rabat's evocative citadel, like a spider at the heart of a 5 Km web of ramparts. The capital of a modern nation, Rabat symbolizes the infinite variety of Morocco. Set in a rich, amber coloured landscape, dotted with distinctive nettle trees, it elegantly combines an ancient history with modern culture.

The drive again was so full of interesting scenery. At one of the rest stops I took the picture of the line up of tagines just raring to cook up a tasty meal and in the back of this rest stop was the most colourful room that you can go and enjoy a hookah pipe or cheesha in Moroccan. It seems that all the small herds are watched over by the farmer. They sit patiently in the field while their goats, sheep and cows graze. They all seem to have a horse or donkey as well for transport and for carrying loads. While some farmers have combines for their crops, many have only a horse or cow to pull the plough. They know instinctively where to go. We saw some combines heading to a farm so I expect it might be as it is elsewhere, you rent the man and machinery and likely give him some of the crops to pay for it at well.

Lunch at Villa Mandarine in Rabat a wonderful English style garden is also here to enjoy complete with peacocks.

We also visited Les Jardins des Oudaya.

We will continue our discovery of this imperial city by a walk around the entrance to the Royal palace with its massive doors, well decorated buildings with beautiful mosaics and lovely gardens. Next to the palace, you will appreciate the impressive and unmatched Mohammed V Mausoleum: the burial ground of the two late Alouite kings - Mohammed V and Hassan II where you will be attracted by the beautiful scents of the place and the very beautiful mosaics.

In the same area, you will find the Hassan Tower, the land mark of Rabat and one of the oldest mosques ever.  You will have enough time to appreciate some time walk through the Oudaya Kasbah, the old medina of Rabat with its narrow streets and its small beautiful blue houses.

We will leave to the Chellah Necropolis, the roman and Islamic ruins in Rabat where an extremely quiet atmosphere and very beautiful gardens have hundreds of stories to unfold! In the springtime, the flowers inside the garden are blooming with colors and heavenly scents.

Travel through the spectacular scenery of the Middle Atlas mountains as we journey from Fes to Marrakech. Drive through diverse landscapes, from abundant orchards and fertile farmland to mountainous terrain, and through many villages and towns that reveal more of the varied lifestyles in present-day Morocco.

We will continue our trip through the quick motorway to Marrakech. Our Hotel for the last four nights Sofitel Lounge and Spa. Designed in a contemporary Andalusian style and situated in sumptuous gardens, the Sofitel Marrakech Lounge & Spa is a place of calm and sensual pleasure dedicated to the development of all of your senses. In this enchanting environment, the Sofitel Marrakech Lounge & Spa raises the art of well-being and absolute relaxation to the highest level of excellence. Revitalize your body and mind in this luxurious haven
of peace, serenity and sensuality - just a few steps from the Medina.

We were free tonight to enjoy some down time and choose to eat if we wanted to! Yay….




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