International Tourism Fair of the Americas, FITA 2012
Centro Bancomer Santa Fe in Mexico City
September 20 to September 23

Glimpses of Beautiful Mexico City…

After we visited the show we had a chance to get on a big red double decker bus to tour some of the historic areas of the city. It was a perfect day for this and they even provided a lunch for us which was really appreciated. I found I wanted to see so much more than what I was seeing on the bus but it was a start…this is a city that will take your breath away just looking – so what could it do if you walked the areas and had time to look at the wonderful ancient architecture of the Metropolitan Cathedral and could see how the oldest part is leaning more to one side, or the old hand painted tiled walls of some of the buildings. The Monument to the Revolution was beautiful with its copper domed roof, or the Palacio de bellas artes, or some of the streets with the workers planting up the boulevards with flowers and shrubs … or, or …. just too much. In fact I have a very cool map that was given to me with all of the special buildings noted on it and their pictures and I am stunned at what is here…and what I missed. Going through it I discovered another gem, the Luis Barragan House – I would have loved to have seen it and his garden. Built in 1948, the house and studio are even UNESCO.

I love old and I love new and there is enough to keep you busy for a week just visiting so many special places and walking the many green areas and parks … and I haven’t even talked about the great food here!




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