Incredible Northern India Garden Tour
March 3rd - March 15th, 2010


March 10th, 2010

Woke up to another beautiful day and with each City, it was getting warmer out! We left at 8 am because we had to get to Amber Fort early to take an elephant ride. You stand in line and take your chances at getting on. The elephants will only take so many rides in a day. What a slow paced way to get to the Amber Fort Palace..this is the way they used to do it…the palace is on top of a very tall hill. It was built in 1592 and once on the palace grounds it was awesome. What a view. There is a wall that surrounds the palace and it reminded me of the great wall in China. What an imposing and beautiful palace this was. Inside there were many rooms to visit but I think one of the most special was the room of mirrors. They covered the walls and ceilings and at night when candles were lit must have been very romantic. So many mirrors cut into floral pieces…very pretty…wonder who decided on the patterns…

We enjoyed lunch then set off on a bit of a city tour. We stopped at the Hawa Mahal or Palace of Winds and that was very neat to see. This 5 story pink building has 953 niches and windows built into it by Pratap Singh and was built for the palace. It was built so the royal ladies could look out and the plebes would not see them. The City Palace Museum was our next stop and in this area there was an artists colony presenting their own works. The artist Harish is who our group sat with and bought from. Some of his works are on rice paper 85-152 years old. Some of his brushes use but a few strands of hair from the tail of a squirrel.


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