Ecuador 2010


The chief garden designer from the City of Guayaquil will guide us though the tropical City parks and gardens that she designed. In the evening we invite you to a Farewell Dinner

In the morning we had a tour through the gardens that were not far from the hotel. It is a park that is filled with iguanas. The park was actually built around them as they liked this area and it has been this way ever since. Afterwards a bit of a walk through the city and malecon area to discover churches and flowers…there had just been a wedding reception that night before and they were removing the flowers. They saw us looking at the flowers and taking pictures and the fellow gave each one of us a stem of lilies…a truly nice gesture. We continued walking along the area, past so many interesting things. I really like Guayaquil. Totally different than the other two cities and being on the water much warmer . A lovely way to end our tour as they will go home with some sense of what this country is like. We were at sea level now and it was much warmer.

We then met up with the chief garden designer for the City and she told us about how it all came together. All along the malecon there are landscaped areas, areas to sit and areas for the children to play. It is a beautiful area to be in and enjoy.


  • New Eden
  • Kids Garden
  • Plant a Row Grow a Row