Ecuador 2010


Guayaquil - The Power of Progress

Located in western Ecuador on the banks of the Guayas River, Guayaquil is Ecuador’s largest city. Founded in 1938, Guayaquil was South America's most important port in colonial times. Nowadays, Guayaquil continues to be Ecuador’s principle port as well as its economic center. Moreover, the city has become a modern metropolis with first-class hotels and a well-developed tourist infrastructure. The city’s main attractions now include the historical Las Peñas District perched on the slopes of Santa Ana Hill, the Metropolitan Cathedral, Seminary Park (1895) whose trees offer a shady place to rest for the area’s iguana population, the Civic Center with its modern auditorium, the General Cemetery with its Italian marble sculptures, the city’s giant Clock Tower, and Guayaquil’s latest attraction: its newly renovated boardwalk, Malecón 2000, which showcases Guayaquil renovation of its waterfront district with all of its houses, shops, restaurants, and museums. Another attraction is the Guayaquil Historic Park. Located on the road to Samborondón, the Park aims to rescue the region’s cultural and ecological values. Guayaquil also has modern shopping centers and plenty of lively economic activity and is also the starting point for trips to the beaches located along the Santa Elena Peninsula.

At the Tropical Flower Plantation, Magic Flowers, the owners will welcome you and introduce you to this plantation.

We had come prepared to this tropical extravaganza…we knew we would be walking in areas where it was wet so had all bought rubber boots. We saw flowers, we saw fruits and tasted fruits right off the plant. We even found a small birds nest while we were trekking through the plantation…what a visit. To see teeny tiny cacao pods and baby bananas, to split open a cacao pod and pick away at the seeds, which are a sweet sour taste, to watch how the flowers are treated and prepared for delivery, it was all such a treat.

The contrast between this plantation and the other two that we have visited could not be more evident as this plantation has 120 acres in production. We will enjoy lunch at Magic Flowers. After all was said and done we left our boots for the workers…and left much happier after this wonderful visit.

I have shown you some of the meals that we had for dinner that evening as well, as you can see delicious again and the presentation is awesome!


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