Royal Caribbean Cruise
February 14th - 20th, 2011

February 16th, 2011

10:30 a.m. and we are docked in Oranjestad, Aruba. Had breakfast then set off on our walking visit. We knew where to go…it was a gorgeous day as the clouds took a lot of the sun off of us as we checked the shops out…This is a real tourist haven, mostly a rich tourist haven. We do a lot of window shopping here and Tom will check his email at the local internet café if he hasn’t done it on the ship…but it is fun and of course once you get off the main drag you see the architecture of the buildings.

We headed down main street passing many shops and stalls and reached the marina. We enjoy it here, looking at all the boats and for three years now I have taken the same picture of Tom sitting on one of the piles with the ships in the background. Our ship is the one behind the big ship Adventure of the Seas….from there we walked to the sea to walk along that and back out towards main street. We crossed and continued walking along taking pictures and just enjoying the time together. There are some wonderful buildings here, built in the early 19th century that had been restored. From here we just continued on the loop that took us back to the ship.

Steel drum music greeted us as we went through the port building. Tom grabbed an ice cold local beer, which was delicious and enjoyed by both!

Here things are expensive, but there are some really good deals. Aruba is part of Holland and one thing we did find here were huge rounds of gouda cheese. I think about 5 lbs for 22.00 U.S. We will wait for our friend in Curacao to get some…he has great cheese. Bottles of beer were 3.00 U.S. and soda was 2.00 U.S. a can. A good deal can be found on the tourist stuff though like t shirts at 4.00 U.S. each and up. There are many high end shops and tons of places to eat at. We have eaten here before at a resto facing the ocean and it was delightful.

Caribbean night tonight at dinner…


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