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Clematis 'Little Duckling
"Piilu" (Patens Group) (pronounced pie-loo)

    A recent introduction from Estonia and the late plantsman / breeder Uno Kivistik and Aili Kivistik from the former Soviet Union.

    "Piilu" is a deciduous climber to about 2 m or 6 ft., height.

    A cross between Clematis Hagley Hybrid and Clematis mahrouyi.

    The leaves are ovate tapered and dark green.



    Did you know that the early flowers of Clematis" Piilu " t.m. were double? It seems, most were unaware of that fact. As an attachment I have included a very recent photo of " Piilu " in my Garden. The later flowers are single,but plentiful,lasting until late September. All of that, on a 4 to 5 ft. plant,who could ask for more.

    Flowers first appear in May - June which are double to 7cm across, while the later blooms are single. The flowers are light purplish pink with an eye catching wide dark purplish-red bar. "Piilu" is considered a large flowering Clematis with numerous flowers on one year plants. I believe Clematis "Piilu" is the very heaviest bloomer known at this time. Many Clematis bloom only near the top of the plant, leaving the bottom bare, but "Piilu" blooms top to bottom.

    Reports from our Trial nurseries indicate "Piilu" started blooming in May and keeps blooming until October. Many clematis varieties have blooms that fade or shrink over time. "Piilu's blooms do neither, there are always blossoms present, unlike most Clematis cultivars "Piilu" does not take a mid-summer break.

    Zone 3-8

    Propagation prohibited except to licensed growers. Royalties from the sale of this fine cultivar are forwarded to Mr. Kivistik's wife and daughter.


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Clematis 'Little Duckling" "Piilu"




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