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Lavendula stoechas 'Fairy Wings'

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Lavandula is a relatively large genus containing about 20 species of aromatic shrubs and perennials native primarily to the Mediterranean region.

Lavandula is perhaps the most highly prized of all aromatic shrubs. It can be used for dwarf hedges, small group plantings or as container plants. Lavenders do well in most types of well drained soils, is best grown in full sun, and does well when used in seaside coastal areas. The flowers can be dried and used asfairywings3.jpg (34140 bytes) potpourri.

  • An unusual lavender variety, "Fairy Wings" has distinctive long, lilac-pink bracts that give a wild effect to an otherwise neat, compact plant. Foliage tends to be more green than silver.
  • Similar to all lavender cultivars, "Fairy Wings" likes well-drained soil and full sun. It does not like cold climates.
  • The lilac-pink bracts that give "Fairy Wings" its name are its most unusual characteristic. Another quality that sets it apart is its neat growing habit. Unlike many lavenders, "Fairy Wings" doesn't sprawl or grow so tall that it falls down.
  • Height: 24 inches and Width: 30 inches.
  • Habit: Flowers grow a few inches beyond the compact foliage
  • U.S. D.A. Hardiness zones 6 - 10.
  • Propagation is prohibited without license.



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Lavendula stoechas 'Fairy Wings'




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