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NancyM10-Mar-03 05:42 PM EST 5   
Susan11-Mar-03 07:59 AM EST 6a   

Subject: Keepers and Tossers?
From: NancyM
Zone: 5
Date: 10-Mar-03 05:42 PM EST

Tell us your opinion of plants that you've tried recently. Are they worth keeping? Or are you ready to relegate them to the compost pile?

My keepers from last year: Shasta 'Becky' - stayed upright when 'Alaska' flopped, kept on blooming and blooming for the longest time. Tall sunflower (Helianthus gigantius) - a native plant that soared to 8 ft on me, bloomed its heart out for almost 2 months and didn't need to be staked. Amazing!

The tossers: Achillea ptarmitica - terribly invasive and sprawled all over the place. Lanceleaf coreopsis - hardly bloomed at all, even with constant deadheading, not worth the effort!

What are your candidates???

Subject: RE: Keepers and Tossers
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 11-Mar-03 07:59 AM EST

Hi Nancy. I'm glad youe 'Becky' did well for you - I'm planning on getting some this year and wondered if they did as well as the descriptions say.... My coreopsis didn't do so well either. I've had them before and they did well - maybe it was just something about the summer last year. I'm going to wait and see what it does this year....

One plant I was very pleased with for the past two years since I planted it was Kamchatka Bugbane (Cimicifuga simplex 'The Pearl') All summer you think it's never going to blossom; then somewhere in the middle of October when you're out raking leaves, you notice that it's in full bloom! It bloomed beautifully until about the third week of November! Talk about late season color! I'm going to add more this year of it and other types of bugbanes - I'm starting a shady, white garden and am planning on having a mixed bed of things like Christmas Rose hellebores (a definite keeper!), white columbine, white astilbe, white filipendula and bugbanes along with some variegated hostas, Pulmonaria, Jacob's Ladder and anything else with interesting foliage and white or blue flowers that come to mind at planting time!

The only 'tosser' I can think of at the moment is a pink mophead hydrangea I bought by mistake (mis-lablelled in the garden center...) because it looks inappropriate in the garden. I like hydrangeas but not the mophead types.

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