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Elsie Reid10-Jan-03 10:32 PM EST 2   
Susan11-Jan-03 02:39 PM EST 6a   
Anne14-Jan-03 02:37 AM EST 8   
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16-Feb-03 09:46 AM EST 5b   
Joy21-Mar-03 08:25 AM EST   

Subject: tips on African violet
From: Elsie Reid (
Zone: 2
Date: 10-Jan-03 10:32 PM EST

some tips on African violet

Subject: RE: tips on African violet
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 11-Jan-03 02:39 PM EST

?...? I'm confused - it looks like you might have had problems doing the posting - are you looking for tips or going to offer them? If you're looking for tips.... The most common issue is not being able to get/keep them in bloom. It's largely a light issue - they need 14-16 hours of light a day to bloom. That means it's pretty much impossible to get them to bloom in the winter. Also, their leaves tend to develop long leaf stalks and start pointing upward instead of lying flat when they don't get enough light. However, African Violets do amazingly well under artificial lights - I grow them under fluorscent ligts (Growlights or a double fixture with one warm white and one cool white bulb...) on a timer set for 15 hours with the lights about 3-4" above the tops of the plants. Use African Violet soil and keep the soil moist but not wet. If they dry out between waterings, that's fine. Use African Violet fertilizer every other week. My biggest problem with African Violets is they grow too well/multiply too easily from rooting leaves! I get fed up with them peiodically and throw them out by the dozen. As long as I keep a couple, more are always available quickly by rooting some leaves. With adequate light, there's no easier plant to grow than African Violets! Bring them into bloom under the lights, spread them around the house for color, put them back under the lights when they stop blooming to bring them back into bloom.... The bottom leaves get mushy after a while and drop off. After a year or so, they will have developed ugly bare stems on the bottom. Root some leaves and then throw out the mother plant and start over....

Subject: RE: tips on African violet
From: Anne
Zone: 8
Date: 14-Jan-03 02:37 AM EST

Hey Susan, Thanks for your Violet Advice, I'm working at it as I speak. They really are quite wonderful when you can get them on a roll. I have mine down under a side table with the light mounted up under. They lighting effect is perfect for a dark corner and the plants do great. But I'm now having the same problem as you.... How many is too many? Sigh, a victim of my own success I guess. Thanks again, Anne

Subject: RE: tips on African violet
From: beverley
Zone: 4
Date: 30-Jan-03 10:49 AM EST

I bought a beautiful plant two years ago with dark mauve flowers. Within 8 months the flowers had faded to white with a touch of mauve here and there on the flower petals. I use an african violet fertilizer now and then, but the color does not come back. Any ideas?

Subject: RE: tips on African violet
Zone: 5b
Date: 16-Feb-03 09:46 AM EST

Subject: RE: tips on African violet
From: Joy
Date: 21-Mar-03 08:25 AM EST

I have about 20 odd plants which I have now had for several years. The majority of them live on the platform around the tub in my bathroom, which they seem to love, as it's next to a bay window, and of course the bathroom is quite humid. I always have a few in flower, even in winter. I only water every two weeks, which seems to help bring the flowers on. I start adding a weak fertiliser in March, and every once in a while, add a little tea or vinegar to the water, to keep the soil slightly acid.

AV's are so hybridised, that I believe it is not uncommon for a plant to revert to a slightly different colouration after a while.

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