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planting canadian hemlocks

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krisfisher19-Aug-00 05:34 PM EST   
Verda19-Aug-00 08:57 PM EST   
Kristen 14-Aug-13 08:46 PM EST 4   
Kristen 14-Aug-13 08:49 PM EST 4   

Subject: planting canadian hemlocks
From: krisfisher
Date: 19-Aug-00 05:34 PM EST

Last fall I planted 15 canadian hemolocks 4ft and 6ft. Since June I have lost about five of them. would it be better to plant tem again this fall or wait until spring? Any other advice on planting them?

Subject: RE: planting canadian hemlocks
From: Verda
Date: 19-Aug-00 08:57 PM EST

Hi: Have some questions regarding your hemlock trees. 1.-Did you purchase them from a nursery or dig them from a woodlot? 2.- Were they balled and burlaped or were they bareroot? It is important that the roots be disturbed as little as possible to ensure their survival. There is no problem planting in the fall, in fact that would be preferable since their is more moisture available at that time. You might try trees that are no more than four feet in height. The taller the tree, the more shock it experiences. To minimize the shock, use a liquid transplant solution, pouring it over the roots before covering them. This solution should contain a hormone which encourages new production of roots and especially feeder roots. Good luck

Subject: RE: planting canadian hemlocks
From: Kristen
Zone: 4
Date: 14-Aug-13 08:46 PM EST

I have two young Hemlocks about 4 ft tall that have turned brown at the top 12 inches. They received ample amount of water this spring but not so much now. Any suggestions to help these trees along?

Subject: RE: planting canadian hemlocks
From: Kristen
Zone: 4
Date: 14-Aug-13 08:49 PM EST

I too planted about 12 barefoot Hemlocks from the internet and Most of them died. They were only about 12 inches tall at the time. I thought I watered them enough but I guess not.

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