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April 15, 2010

Did You Know

  • Garden Excursions - Join Wendy Downing, Co-Principal of the Royal Botanical Gardens School for Horticulture Judges, and Veronica Sliva, National Director of the Garden Writers Association, for a leisurely day of sensual delights designed to inspire and engage garden lovers. See their upcoming Calendar of wonderful day breaks here…

  • “Patience is a flower that grows not in everyone’s garden.” -- English proverb

  • Ruffle your feathers and get involved…..HELP the Toronto Botanical Gardens promote environmental awareness and the critical link between wildlife, garden ecology and sustainability. YOUR Birdhouse could be displayed at the Summer Showcase viewed by thousands of visitors and, if selected by the jury, may be installed permanently in the TBG gardens! YOU could be recognized for your generous efforts through media promotion and on our website. Take this unique opportunity to showcase your free-flying imagination and soaring creativity!!

  • Among landscape and garden features, 2010 will feature an increase of design elements that reduce time and money. Topping the list are low-maintenance landscapes (94 percent); drip/water-efficient irrigation (85.2 percent); native/adapted drought tolerant plants (85.2 percent); and less lawn (73.9 percent). Other popular features include fountains/water features (87.8 percent) and food/vegetable gardens (78.5 percent). (Garden Center Magazine)

  • we have lots of articles on water gardening on the site like
    Water Gardening in Containers

  • What is 'damping-off'? 'Damping-off' is a fungal disease that can quickly wipe out every seedling in your tray. Signs are wilted seedlings with blackened, shriveled stems. The usual cause is excess moisture and poor air circulation. You can avoid it by using clean containers, sterile growing mix, thinning seedlings when ready and by watering from below, not from overhead. (from )

  • The Regulatory Status of Areas in Canada and the United States for Japanese Beetle

  • CONTEST WINNER This Exciting Prize was won by Deanna in Winnipeg!

    The EarthBox – Homegrown vegetables without a garden…


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