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...plant a tree!
by Barb Foster
November 15, 2009

Chetwynd has really, come out with both guns ablaze.

This year the District has been busily planting trees along the boulevards, and in the cemetery. The results will reward this community for many years to come. I hope that everyone truly appreciates what a tree means to human life.

Research shows profound benefits to retaining and increased planting of trees within populated areas. Mature Trees could increase a properties value by 10% or more. Properly placed trees can reduce air conditioning cost to the home owner by as much as 30%. A wind break of trees, on the north-west side of a home could reduce heating cost by as much as 40%. The visual exposure to settings with trees, can reduce stress, blood pressure, and muscle tension levels in humans within five minutes. Wooded areas reduce runoff, thereby reducing sediment and chemical contamination of local streams. Trees help reduce emissions that create air pollution.

One tree in 50 years removes approximately 60,000 pounds of pollutants from the air. 25% of street dust can be reduced by a row of trees. Two mature trees will produce oxygen enough for four human beings.

Trees provide a food source and shelter for wildlife.

To put a dollar value on live trees look at this: A tree in 50 years will recycle $37,000.00 worth of water, provide $31,000.00 worth of pollution control, and $37,000.00 worth of oxygen.

Trees reduce sound pollution by providing noise barriers, and one acre of live trees will remove 2.6 tonnes of (greenhouse gas producing) CO2 per year.

Please!!!! at every opportunity plant a tree.

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