Troubleshooting Vegetables
by Bob Sampson
March 11, 2007

Wondering what's causing that rusty look on your asparagus or what's chewing on your beans or what's hopping on the leaves of your carrot plants? University of Illinois Extension may have the answers to these and other questions at a new website, Common Problems for Vegetable Crops

Available in both English and Spanish, the new site, part of U of I Extension's Hort Corner collection, was developed by James Schuster and Maurice Ogutu, two Extension horticulture educators.

"This website can be extremely helpful to the home gardener who wants to keep ahead of insect and disease problems," said Jane Scherer, U of I Extension urban programs specialist who also oversees website development. "It's organized in an easy-to-use fashion and the information is up-to-date and research-based."

Users can browse by problem or by vegetable.

  • By problem, the website features groups on common insect problems, common disease problems, and other common problems.

  • Browsing by vegetable, users are able to pick common insect and common disease problems under each vegetable species, ranging from asparagus to tomato.

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