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Communities in Bloom - Mundare
by Brenda Dziwenka
August 10, 2003

Communities in Bloom - I hear that name and I get excited. My name is Brenda Dziwenka from the Town of Mundare (population 700), and I have been involved in this program since 1999. Our first year, we did nothing extra. We felt that our Town was clean and tidy and that was all we needed to win provincial competition. Well, we were surprised when we went to our first provincial award ceremony. That year we received 2 blooms.

The next year we formed a committee with myself as chair. With six volunteers from the community and our second year in this program - our community was totally submerged in the words 'Communities in Bloom'. Volunteers created banners for the street lamps - one side read 'Town with the Big Heart' which is our logo and the other side 'Communities in Bloom'. We designed garden stakes with the communities in bloom logo placed in a heart. We designed and constructed hearts with red rope lighting for our street lamps on main street. When you drive through and see the glowing hearts so proudly displaying our Town logo it brings tears to my eyes.

We purchased cedar barrels and set up an adopt-a-planter program for our main street businesses and our residents. The school children planted flowers in the 12 barrels. The school children also participate in an annual spring clean-up. When the provincial judges were judging our community that year - my heart swelled with happiness and pride at all the Communities in Bloom garden stakes that were proudly displayed in residents yard, and in windows of our commercial sector. What an awesome feeling! Our Town definitely knew about Communities in Bloom and we're all proud to be part of it.

Residents in our senior complex planted flowers on there decks and in containers and were so proud to show them to the judges. At the 2000 provincial ceremonies held in Vermilion, two of my committee members along with myself sat on pins and needles waiting for the announcement of the four bloom winner and when we won it was like we had won a million dollars. The excitement was overwhelming. That day we won the provincial award was also the weekend of our Agricultural Days Fair. At the evening barbecue it was announced that we had won provincials - the people cheered and were very happy and proud. From that day on there was no turning back.

I am very proud of my committee and what we have done to our little Town. People have come together and are working very hard to make their Town a better place to live. From beautification to recycling to heritage conservation - we have no boundaries. . . Thank you Communities in Bloom - you have brought pride into our community.

Brenda Dziwenka Chairperson, Communities in Bloom Town of Mundare

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