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Communities in Bloom Wainwright
by Monica Pfeifer
August 3, 2003

Imagine if you will a community rich in culture, history and diversity. The center of Main Street boasts a huge two story stone clock that watches over the streets flanked with trees, and at the end of main you will find a delightful museum carved out of an old train station.

Sounds like a Norman Rockwell painting doesn’t it…. The only thing missing is colour and pride, which is where Communities in Bloom, Wainwright steps in. Founded in 2002 Communities in Bloom hit Wainwright like a tornado, 3100 volunteer hours were logged in this first year alone. It all started with our first annual town wide clean up; we enlisted the help of local organizations, families and individuals to collect garbage no street was ignored. Next businesses were asked to sponsor hanging baskets and barrels filled with flowers, the response was overwhelming and the results breath taking. Local parks and empty lots were filled with colour and scent; the town was coming alive. A local elementary school had each student paint a rock and place it in their schoolyard creating a collage of artwork and blooms. Young and old were inspired and the town never looked better. In 2002 we received a well earned, three blooms from the Communities in Bloom judges for our efforts.

This year (2003) twice as many hanging baskets have been sponsored. The Town of Wainwright has seen the positive affect that Communities in Bloom has had on our community and helped out by replacing our barrels with aggregate planters, planted more trees and started improvements on some of our towns point of interest areas. With a grant made possible by the Lions Club landscape architects have been retained and one of our largest projects is about to begin; the revamping of Wallace Park. Not only has Communities in Bloom planted seeds and grow flowers they have sowed dreams and cultivated pride. If you can imagine all of these wonderful qualities you have envisioned Wainwright, and the achievements of the remarkable people who live there.

Monica Pfeifer, Communities in Bloom, Public Relations Coordinator

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